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CRK Cadillac Ranch Keychain

CRK Cadillac Ranch Keychain


Awesome One-Of-A-Kind Cadillac Ranch Fordite pendant. 
I LOVE re-purposing things and this is the ultimate material🥰 Hunks of graffiti that look like something you would kick off of your fender in the winter time. I carefully cut and slab the fragile pieces.  There is no uniformity compared to automotive Fordite. That makes this SO unique. Also the fluorescent spray paint glows under black light ! Some pieces have Glitter paint as well😀 who doesn’t love bright funky colors and glitter💛

This Keychain is the biggest hunk I have. It’s AWESOME!  

Cadillac Ranch Fordite:

Made from layers of graffiti spray paint baked onto the cars at Cadillac Ranch off Route 66 in Texas. A tourist attraction from the 70s. This material is fragile in comparison to traditional automotive Fordite. The colors are amazing & often fluorescent and glittery. Truly a work of art.

Each item comes with a picture business card that explains what Cadillac Ranch “Fordite” is

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