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Leland Blue Stone Necklace #104

Leland Blue Stone Necklace #104


Really neat green variation of the Leland Blue stone. Comes on an 18” silver plated chain. Can be swapped for a cord. 
Business card that explains LB included. 

Leland Blue Stone:

Are by-products of the iron smelting industry. Iron ore was heated to separate the metal from

non-usable impurities. The impurities formed a tinted slag waste which was dumped into Lake Michigan. The lake naturally tumbled the slag and turned it into stones. Some stones are pitted with air bubbles and highlights of white, gray and black. Colors range from light-dark blue, purples and greens. These are ONLY found in Leland MI. Each item comes with a picture business card that explains what the Leland Blue stone is.

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